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Here some other reason of why to choose us

Physical characteristics

The actual research area consists of a large main room with a tall ceiling, hardwood floor and large windows. The furniture within the room is readily adaptable from a standard table and chair configuration to one of comfortable leather sofas and chairs. Storage is provided immediately adjacent to the main interviewing room to allow for rapid and significant changes in interview room configuration. Overall the space provides a mind expanding ambience and flexible overhead lighting.

Interviewing room

The flexibility inherent in the design of the facility has enabled hosting of a variety of both research and non-research related events including the following: IDI’s, conference table configurations, living room, workshops, presentations, taste tests, website-usability labs, mock juries, film screenings, break outs and corporate functions.

Technological assets

Technology available on site includes but is not in any way limited to the following: In-house A/V technicians, multiple camera viewpoints, usability lab, sound and video highlight editing and restoration, duplications, transfers, analog/digital formats, as well as internet connectivity, conference phone, closed circuit video and excellent recruiting capabilities.

Intellectual assets

The crew at the facility bring over 20 years of qualitative-research related experience to bear. They are well-suited in both experience and attitude to push the envelope to stimulate and satisfy both their clients and interviewees with the ultimate creative research session targeted towards addressing both their stated and unstated needs.


In summary, an integrated approach to creative qualitative research does provide advantages relative to more traditional approaches. In addition to utilization of a variety of creative research techniques, flexibility in the creative environment as provided in the research facility is a key component of an effective integrated creative approach and in reality actually complements in a synergistic manner the overall creative process.


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